Jampa Lhakhang Drub

Duration: 11 days (including programs apart from the Tsechu alone)

Highlights: Culture, history, myth, people, dress, ornaments, food, mask dances, songs, photography.

One of Bhutan’s most sacred and unique festivals, The Naked Dance of Jampa Lhakhang is performed at midnight by 16 naked men. The dance dates back to the 8th century and was first held in Nabjikorphu, Trongsa by the great treasure discoverer, Tertoen Dorji Lingpa, on the prophecy of Guru Rinpoche. It is said that a band of devils were obstructing the construction of a Lhakhang (Temple) in Nabjikorphu. To distract the devils, Terton Dorji Lingpa launched the naked dance. It served the purpose as the outrageous antics of the naked performers during the dance kept the devils spellbound. The construction was thus completed. The dance reached Jampa lhakhang as Terton Dorji Lingpa also consecrated Jampa lhakhang.

This dance is performed by selected men from the four villages of Jampa lhakhang, Nobgang, Changwa and Nashphey. This festival is also closely associated with worship of the Phallus. The Festival with Women tour is also something that we can customize for you depending on your choice or availability. For the sake of maintaining our own specialty, the specific details are shared off- the website. Please let us know if you would want to hear anything more.

Jampa Lhakhang Drub- (11Days)

Day 01: Bangkok/Kathmandu/New Delhi-Paro (2,250m)-Thimphu
Day 02: Thimphu (2,320m)
Day 03: Thimphu-Punakha (1,350m)
Day 04: Punakha-Bumthang (2,600m)
Day 05: Bumthang (2,600m)
Day 6: Bumthang (2,600m)
Day 7: Bumthang-Phobjikha (3,000m)
Day 8: Phobjikha-Thimphu
Day 9: Thimphu-Paro
Day 10: Paro
Day 11: Paro-Departure

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