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Generally everywhere, and superficially in south Asia trekking is mostly associated with male trekkers and guides, porters and other supporters. This is also quite a common scene and trend in Bhutan. We have had friends who were not able to opt trekking programs simply because they were women. We are of the opinion that women are no less and provide equal opportunity for trained, able men and women just the same.We want to break the broad stereotype image of Bhutan with full team of men guides, porters and operators of trekking in Bhutan.

We work with certified trekking women guides and porters and ensure that they get a preference to work with us. It is a normal trend that women drivers, porters and guides either do not get the opportunity or less preference in the industry. We provide a safe and comfortable space for local women to prove their talents and stand on their on feet with steady source of income. While we can customize our adventure travel needs from camping, hikes, trekking, biking, and kayaking some of our programs

Snow women Trek (customized)

Part of the hardest trek in the world! While the snowmen trek is the hardest trek in the world and quite extensive, we believe that women trekkers and supporters are also equally capable. We thus want to promote our own Snow women Trek! Believe it or not, not one has termed it or done it yet. So please let us know how we can work together to make this record breaking trek. While it may also sound naïve and risky, we have people in our team who has already done the snowman trek several times and certain that it is possible. We are putting together a team with female trekking guide, female porters from some selected villages of Sephu and Laya- The women Sherpas of Bhutan to provide a comparison!  We know what they are capable of! We will also be honest that as of now, we are not looking at a completely women group to being with. The trek also can be customized to do various entry and exit options.

It demands stamina, endurance and energy and is designed for experienced trekkers. However, the trek’s worth is embodied in the treasures one can feast on and experience during the trek. Traversing through the most remote areas up to very high altitudes above 5,000m the camps are sometimes on blankets of snow. For the sake of maintaining our own originality, the specific details are shared off- the website. Please let us know if you would want to hear anything more.

Snow women Trek (customized)

Day 01 – International Flight to Bhutan – Thimphu
Day 02 – Thimphu Sight Seeing
Day 03 – Thimphu to Paro, SharnaZampa
Day 04 –SharnaZampa – Thangthangkha
Day 05 –Thangthangkha – Jaangothang
Day 06 –Jangothang halt
Day 07 – Jangothang – Lingshi
Day 08 – Lingshi – Chebisa
Day 09 – Chebisa – Shomuthang
Day 10 – Shomuthang – Robluthang
Day 11 – Robluthang – Limithang
Day 12 – Limithang – Laya
Day 13– Laya, explore.
Day 14– Laya -Rodophu
Day 15 – RodophutoNarethang
Day 16 – Narethang- Tarina
Day 17 – Tarina- Woche
Day 18 – Woche-Lhedi
Day 19 – Lhedi-Thanza
Day 20 -Rest day at Thanza
Day 21 – Thanza – Danjey
Day 22- Danjey – Tshochena
Day 23 -Tshochena – JichuDramo
Day 24 -JichuDramo – Chukarpo
Day 25- Chukarpo – ThampeTsho
Day 26- ThampeTsho – Maurothang
Day 27- Maurothang – Sephu
Day 28– Sephu- Punakha, sightseeing
Day 29– Punakha- Paro, Taktsang Hike
Day 30 – Depart

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