The tourism sector in Bhutan is regulated well and the authorities certify all players. We are proud to proclaim that we are fully certified to host tourists in Bhutan by the Tourism Council of Bhutan. We are also the first and only Bhutanese tour operator totally focused to empower womanhood in Bhutan. We are a registered member of the Tourism Council of Bhutan (TCB), and the Association of Bhutanese Tour Operators (ABTO). Our guides are also certified by TCB and are members of Guides Association of Bhutan (GAB).

Women empowerment through tourism in Bhutan is our vision.

The mission of Bhutan Molay Travels is to provide a unique holiday experience for tourist in Bhutan wherein the benefits from trip goes to local Women. We strive to ensure that global men and women to experience the hospitality of Bhutanese women. Most, if not all, the service providers are women and the proceeds from the tour helps in women empowerment in Bhutan.

What makes us unique

We are the first and only company in Bhutan that is targeting towards women empowerment by providing employment opportunities and platform for women to meet new people and exchange ideas. Bhutan Molay looks into providing an extraordinary experience to the visitors in Bhutan with our talented women working across the sectors, and also ensuring that there is long-term benefit to the host communities.

We work closely with our hostess and work on innovative mechanisms to channel the benefits from the tourism in the country to the local community and women. This by the way, is a new concept that we believe would help in long term socio-economic development of the country, employment of young girls and woman in a respectable way and help in the preservation and promotion of our tradition and culture.