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Generally everywhere, and superficially in south Asia trekking is mostly associated with male trekkers and guides, porters and other supporters. This is also quite a common scene and trend in Bhutan. We have had friends who were not able to opt trekking programs simply because they were women. We are of the opinion that women are no less and provide equal opportunity for trained, able men and women just the same.We want to break the broad stereotype image of Bhutan with full team of men guides, porters and operators of trekking in Bhutan.

We work with certified trekking women guides and porters and ensure that they get a preference to work with us. It is a normal trend that women drivers, porters and guides either do not get the opportunity or less preference in the industry. We provide a safe and comfortable space for local women to prove their talents and stand on their on feet with steady source of income. While we can customize our adventure travel needs from camping, hikes, trekking, biking, and kayaking some of our programs

Women to Laya Trek (12 Days)

Laya is one of the most remote communities in Bhutan that is just on the verge of being submerged by modern developments. It is 2 days trek from Gasa district headquarters which itself has only been connected with dirt motor road few years ago. So get there before it becomes a piece of history. Layaps are also one of the most hospitable, loving and beautiful nomadic tribes of Bhutan. They also have quite a unique culture and tradition of their own. We will provide you amble of opportunities to know about Layap women, understand their challenges and also contribute both financially and physically to their income and labour. Please let us know if you wish to volunteer for  a day or two to this great community that lives close to 4000 m. The trek to Gasa is one of the most beautiful and enchanting treks for anyone. Gasa also is home to one of the most popular hot spring in the country valued for this medicinal values. There are also options to do home stays and check out local food. For the sake of maintaining our own specialty, the specific details are shared off- the website. Please let us know if you would want to hear anything more.

Women to Laya Trek (12 Days)

Day 01 – International Flight to Bhutan –Thimphu
Day 02 – Thimphu Sight Seeing
Day 03 – Thimphu to Gasa, acclimatize
Day 04 –Gasa to Koina
Day 05 –Koina to Laya
Day 06– Laya, explore.
Day 07– LayaChamsa
Day 08 – Chamsa to Gasa
Day 09 – Gasa- Punakha, Sightseeing
Day 10 – Punakha – Paro
Day 11 – Taktsang Hike and explore Paro
Day 12 – Depart

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